About Green Light Go

At Green Light Go, we are designing, adapting, and developing technology to improve the world by enabling people and organizations. In an ideal world, everybody has access to technology, and data flows between systems and devices fluidly. Systems should be easy to use and integrate seamlessly into work and play.

It's easy to observe how technology is changing lives. Every day it becomes more tightly integrated with us, while we find new ways to connect with people like never before. But if you look a little closer, you'll find that adopting new technology isn't easy for everybody. For those with poor or limited access and adoption, technology actually isolates and hinders. That's the problem we want to solve.

Dominic Canare, Founder

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I want to make the world a better place. In the past, I've hopped from job-to-job hoping to find something of greater social significance. Never quite satisfied, I made it a point to commit some of my free time and money to causes which were important to me.

Still, I felt unbalanced. I couldn't find a job which capitalized on my talents while having a direct positive impact on people's lives.

I created Green Light Go so that I could combine some of my greatest talents with some of my strongest passions. In the past, I've worked as a software developer, a consultant, and an educator in various organizations and industries. This background has helped me develop many creative and innovative solutions, and I see Green Light Go as an avenue for even greater things to come.

You can visit my personal website or reach me directly at dom@greenlightgo.org.

In the community

Green Light Go is proud to be an active part of the community. Some of the organizations we support include: