Accessible keyboard learning software for non visual users
NVDA Magnifier Integration Addon
An integrated preferences menu for controlling the Windows 7 Magnifier from NVDA
Easify My PC
Tools to simplify everyday computer use
MIDI to Arduino
A tool to convert MIDI files to Arduino source code


Green Light Go offers a wide variety of technology services and development products. Technology has helped the world integrate in ways never before possible. Our mission is to help you make your life easier through technology and to make sure you don't get left behind!

The world around us is always changing, and keeping up can be difficult. If you're ready to learn something new, let us be your digital docent. We can help you learn a new technology at your pace. Let us show you how you can leverage technology to improve your work and play!
Software Development
Desktop Software
Sometimes what you need simply doesn't exist. When that happens, Green Light Go can build an application specific to your needs - whatever they may be. Data processing, graphics and photo manipulation, metrics and statistics, automation...
If you can imagine it, let us build it for you!
Software Augmentation
Found a great program but it's missing one important feature? Do you frequently use a website which isn't user-friendly? We can help with that! We can develop addons and plugins for applications with or without extensible architectures.
Server Software
Green Light Go can design and develop server software for your enterprising needs. Databases, messaging and communication, data storage, processing, web server, etc.
Mobile Apps
With the rising ubiquity of mobile devices, access to data and services has never been more in-demand. Whether it's business or pleasure, Green Light Go can build a mobile application to fit your needs.
Consulting and Systems Analysis
Starting a new project? Looking for an outside perspective? Let Green Light Go be your consulting partner. We can help you design and optimize workflows, problem solve, brainstorm, and help implement your project.
Data Translation/Migration/Logistics

The shortest distance between two points is a straight-line - but when it comes to moving data, the path isn't always so clear. Green Light Go can help you by designing and developing workflows and tools to make your data logistics painless.

Plain text to SQL? XML to binary? Serial to HTTP? No problem!

Device Modifications and Customizations
Not everything was made for everybody. For those with needs which extend beyond the perception of the designer, Green Light Go can modify existing devices and technology to make it work for you.
Specialized Services
Green Light Go is dedicated to serving. Let us know what your challenges are, and we'll let you know what we can do for you!