NVDA Magnifier Integration Addon for Windows 7

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This project is an addon for NVDA, an Open Source screen reader. It provides an integrated preferences menu for controlling the Windows 7 Magnifier, as well as several convenient hotkey bindings.

This addon has been released to the community as Open Source Software under the GPL, in the hopes that it will serve others directly or as a learning tool for creating other NVDA addons. Be sure to visit the NVDA Community Addons Page for other available addons and to stay up-to-date.

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To access the preferences dialog:
  • Open the NVDA GUI (NVDA+n)
  • Open the Preferences sub menu (p)
  • Select "Magnifier settings" (a)

The following hotkeys are supported:

NVDA+shift+m Toggle the magnifier
NVDA+plus Zoom in
NVDA+minus Zoom out
NVDA+i Invert colors

Origin and Purpose

Every summer, Envision hosts camp to help teens acclimate to accessible technology. In 2013, it was suggested that camp transition from a commercial screen reader to NVDA, an open source screen reader. The most significant missing feature which was necessary for the camp was a built-in magnifier.

To rectify this, Envision contracted with Green Light Go to help provide an integration addon for NVDA, which would couple the open source software with the built-in Windows 7 magnifier.